Ether plants are full on-chain nfts planted in the Ether World.


Ether Plants are full on-chain nfts planted in the Ether world.

They can be watered once a week and will grow each time they are watered. They'll become mature after being watered 10 times. (watering requires gas fee)

Be careful ! Ether plants will die if you don't water them for than 2 weeks.(seeds and mature won't die tho)

So make sure you water them ever 1 - 2 weeks.

All the process will be done fully on-chain.

There is 721 seeds be available and waiting to be minted by you all.

Mint Seed

・Full on-chain NFT (ERC721)

・supply : 721 seeds

・Price : 0.0721 ether + gas each

・1 max per addy & tx


Water Plant

・Ether Plants can only be watered once a week.

・The Plant will die if it is not watered for 2 weeks.(Seeds and mature Ether plants won't die)

・If an Ether Plant Dies it will never be able to grow past it's current phase

・Ether Plants can only be watered by there owners.

・The plants grow all on-chain.

・Make sure to refresh the metadata on platforms such as opensea after watering to see your ether plant after it has grown.

Water Plant

How It Grows ?

Ether Plants will grow after being watered.

An Ether Plant will need to be watered 10 times to reach maturity.

It will a take long time to grow them.

Can you Hold them until they mature?

I'm sure you can make it :)

Check Plant Status

Check the plant's status before you purchase it.

  • This plant is in Phase :
  • This plant got watered :
  • Has this plant stopped growing: